Manage and Track
The Activities Of Your
Vendors In Real Time

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Product Features & Benefits

Tymehook offers insurance carriers, Third Party Administration firms and self-insured entities an opportunity to save significantly on vendor-related claims expenses.
By utilizing Tymehook, claims can be assigned to your vendor partners through a private dashboard. When field activities are completed you will be provided with:

  • Driving Route Maps
    Driving Route
  • Timestamps of Activities
    Timestamps of
  • Meeting Times
  • Stops and  Inactivity
    Stops and

The net result is an accurate true digital record that keeps the
industry practice of honor-system, manual invoicing…honest.

Less Guesswork. Lower Costs.

  • paper
    Standardizes and digitizes the claims assignment.
  • price
    Greatly reduces overbilling for unrelated
    driving time and mileage, unrelated travel and
    over-reporting of field activities.
  • data
    Provides an opportunity to analyze data in real-time, creating the ability to adjust reserves accordingly.

By Insurance People. For Insurance People.

Tymehook was designed by a team of insurance industry professionals with over 75 years in cumulative carrier and vendor-side experience. Recognizing that other aspects of the industry have gone digital but that the claims process is oftentimes fragmented, Tymehook was created to modernize the field adjusting process and deliver cost-efficiencies that include billing transparencies. The end result is information agility and significant reduction of claim expenses.


Insurance companies will love Tymehook. Independent claims adjusters will fondly remember the good old days of scouts-honor billing for their time and travel.

Daniel Herbert. Tymehook founder and 30-year
insurance industry veteran

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